Faneuil Street
Faneuil Street was laid out across the estate of Richard Dana in the 1650s.  It replaced a major part of the Old Indian Lane referred to earlier, but did not acquire its present name until the 1840s.  Faneuil Street was named for Benjamin Faneuil, who owned a 70-acre country estate on Bigelow Hill near Oak Square, where the Crittendon-Hastings House grounds are now situated.  Benjamin was the brother of Peter Faneuil, the wealthy Boston merchant who gave Faneuil Hall to the town of Boston. When Peter, a bachelor, died in 1743, Benjamin inherited his vast wealth.  Benjamin’s loyalist sons fled the country during the Revolution, and with their father’s death in 1784, the Faneuil name died out here in Brighton.

Faneuil St Map 1890 (Market St is at the top)

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